Haptic Device for Simulations in Various fields

The technical name of this device is “Motorised linear and spherical rotary joints with force feedback using spherical section and cylindrical section friction clutch mechanism and with rotary and displacement sensors.”

The device has three functions built into each module:-

(A) The device uses a spherical friction clutch mechanism to induce force feedback along the modules rotation and elongation axes so that the end effecter attached to the modules will get the force feedback as controlled in any position or orientation in three-dimensional spaces.

(B) The device uses inbuilt motors to rotate or elongate the device along different axes so that the end effecter can follow a path as controlled in three-dimensional spaces.

(C) The device with inbuilt rotary and elongation sensors can provide the position and orientation of the end effecter attached at the end of the modules in three-dimensional space. The different device modules can be connected in any combination and with other mechanisms to form machines that can act as position and orientation sensors or as force feedback systems or as robotic arm manipulators or as a combination of the three processes.

The device with the three capabilities combined gives a better control option for machinery and the computer software based operations as the invention will be able to input commands based on the position and orientation of the attached end effecter and will be able to offer force feedback for the actions being applied. The invention will be able to take command from the machinery or computer software based operations and will be able to follow a particular path which may be used to teach or confirm actions or signals emanating from the machinery or computer software based operations.


The technical name for this device is “MERLYN D3 Modular Bomb Disposal Robot with Flexible Chassis System”

The chassis system was designed and implemented as an eight-wheeledd independently powered and independently steered vehicle with each wheel having at least four independent degrees of freedom of rotation. Each part can be changed and or replaced with a similar part to affect fast repair in the field.

The system has the power supply from its own internal battery supply or it can be powered by external 230 V mains power supply.

The internal microprocessor-based controller is capable of controlling 32 different operations of the chassis including speed, orientation, the direction of motion and torque of the individual motors in the chassis to give it unparallel mobility and control over the required action. The controller can be fully controlled remotely over a wired connection to the remote or over a wireless connection to the remote.

The software takes care of all the alignment of the motors and thus reduces the workload on the operator. The software is controlled by a Move as You Desire type of joystick controller. This reduces the workload on the operator and reduces the required training drastically. The operator just has to move the joystick in the required direction to be moved.

The standardized connection points on the chassis help in connecting any type of payload on the chassis. The USB interface to the controller helps in adding any type of sensors to the system. Any type of future manipulators etc. can be connected and controlled by the remote of the system.

The system met all the parameters set by the evaluation team in terms of mobility and rough terrain motion including stability of the system and maneuverability in any direction.

The system can move in the following ways:

  • Skid turn on its axis.
  • Drive turn on any axis internal or external.
  • Move in any direction without turning.
  • Move in any continuously varying direction without turning or changing its azimuth.
  • Change its width.
  • Change its ground clearance.

MORK as a Commercial Robot

“Modular Omni-Potential Robotic Kit (M.O.R.K)”

MORK is a set of precision machined parts so designed that they can be configured into inter-linked linear and rotary axis as per your choice. The kit contains all the necessary mechanical structural elements, motors, motor driver electronics, microprocessor controller, software. Each of them can be individually changed to upgrade your capacity and requirement. The modularity in an integral part of the kit. Individual elements can be added or modified for the intended use.


More element as needed can be added to enhance the performance. This increases the value for money and saves the investment in the kit for future applications Depending on the application specification each axes can be driven by a stepper motor or a DC motor or an AC or Servo motor. These motor can drive a Screw drive for a very precise motion. They can be driven by Belt drive for fast translation. They can also be driven by wire drive for non-linear translation.

The system can be used to configure any type of robot systems like Rectilinear, SCARA, Cylindrical, Spherical or a combination of all these systems

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