Products & Services

List of Products and Services offered by Alpha Beta Square Solutions

Alpha Beta Square Solutions specializes in multiple domains and we are also having our very own products which are described below:-

Modular Omni-potential Robotic Kit (MORK)

MORK is an innovative product which is developed in-house in our research labs, we have now launched this product commercially all around the world. MORK is a robotic kit which is simple and easy to understand for DIY Scientists, just think of a robotic system and start creating that with MORK.


MORK is capable of performing 8Dimentional robotic operations, think of creating a 3D printer of your own? Just use MORK to create a 3Dimentional Robotic structure and read the guide provided with the kit. As we have tested all the 8Dimentional robotic ideas on one single kit we are happy to say that, this kit is capable of performing 500+ different robotic actions. This kit can be used in the Academic sector so students can get hands-on training on robotic systems and the same kit can be used in the commercial sector as well.

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